Flutter Setup

The first thing you need to do is to set your apiToken:
MPush.apiToken = 'YOuR_API_TOKEN';
Then you need to configure MPush with the callbacks that will be called when a notifcation arrives or is tapped and the android notification settings.
onNotificationArrival: (notification) {
print("Notification arrived: $notification");
onNotificationTap: (notification) {
print("Notification tapped: $notification");
androidNotificationsSettings: MPAndroidNotificationsSettings(
channelId: 'mpush_example',
channelName: 'MPush Notifications',
channelDescription: 'Push notification channel',
icon: '@mipmap/icon_notif',
To configure the Android part you need to pass a MPAndroidNotificationsSettings to the configure sections, it has 2 parameters:
  • channelId: the id of the channel
  • channelName: the name for the channel
  • channelDescription: the description for the channel
  • icon: the default icon for the notification, in the example application the icon is in the res folder as a mipmap, so it's adressed as @mipmap/icon_notif, iff the icon is a drawable use @drawable/icon_notif.